FEEL THE ACTION from your Video Games, Movies and Music with the newest gadget Pyramat Sound Lounger

Pyramat Sound Lounger is a new gadget developed expectably to feel the action from your Video Games, Movies and Music. The Sound Lounger works with Movies and Music too.


It is compatible with Xbox, PS2, Nintendo DS, Apple and HDtv.


  • 3 ” Full Range ARX™ Speakers 
  • 5.5” Powersub™ Subwoofer 
  • RCA Audio Inputs 
  • Headphone Jack 
  • Volume and Bass Controls 
  • RCA Multi-player Audio Outputs 
  • Illuminating Backplate 
  • Folds for Storage

The bass is so huge and the sound is so clear you’ll feel like you literally are in the game. Hear every footstep, and feel every crash, punch or gunshot as the built-in 5.5” Powersub™ subwoofer sends vibrations right through you.

You can also use your Pyramat Sound Lounger in the middle of the night without starting a war with your neighbours. Just plug your earphones into the headphone jack for private gaming sessions.


Price and availability

Pyramat Sound Lounger cost £48.93 (the old price was £97.86) ad it is available at Redsave.com.

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  1. This looks awesome. I wonder what it would be like with watching movies. I need to check it out!

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