Fart Alert Button

Fart Alert Button

Be the hero with this Fart Alert Button! When someone lets one go, you probably won’t want to open your mouth and sound the alert, instead just give this button a quick press and let everyone know they have to run!
Smells like… smells like… someone’s farted!! Press alert and flee!

Just press the big red button and the Fart Alert will sound with one of these phrases:

? ‘5, 4, 3, 2, *FART*… woops’
? *FART* ‘Woops, that one just slipped out’
? *FART* ‘Ooh, I think I messed myself’
? *FART* ‘Man, I thought I smelled something’
? *QUIET FART* ‘Ooh! Silent but violent!’
? *FART* ‘Ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark!
? ‘Woh! Rotten eggs anyone? Woh!’ *FART*
? *FART* ‘Oh! See a doctor wouldya!’
? ‘Ah! The distinct bouquet.. *FART* ..of ass!’
? *FART* ‘Ouch! That one burns! Oooh!’
? *FART* ‘Urgh, who stepped on a frog?!’
? ‘Pull my finger *FART*
? *FART* Woh! Smells like something crawled up your butt and died!’

The Fart Alert Button is even wall mountable!

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