Fantastic New Innovations in Fabric and Textile Technology

Gone are the days when people had no option but to don a baggy traditional undershirt that led to heavy perspiration and annoying discomfort. With fantastic new innovations in wearable fabric technologies, it is now possible to find smart fabrics that are designed to work with the body, instead of against it. The future of fabrics as we know it is dramatically changing, and understanding how these innovations are transforming the way clothing looks and performs is critical. Here are just some of the innovations that can benefit the office worker and the athlete all at the same time.

Fabrics That Are Capable of Tapping Into the Human Body As a Power Source
It is amazing to think that a textile has been developed that can literally harvest kinetic energy so that the human body becomes the new power source. While the technology has not yet been completely perfected, when it is worn, wearers will ultimately become a power source capable of charging small devices from a remote location. Never again will your cell phone die. This is the future of sustainability in the world of smart fabrics.

Fantastic New Innovations in Fabric and Textile Technology

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Fabrics That Regulate and Protect
While self-charging fabric is extremely innovative, there are other types of innovations that are just as important. New fibers have made it possible to regulate the temperature of the body based on the environment. Other textiles have protective qualities that can protect the wearer against hazardous radiation in specific environments. Then there are technical textiles have even been developed to release medication into the human body to comfortably treat an illness. The textiles being developed today will have an impact in healthcare, health and beauty, athletics, the military, and even in space travel.

Fabrics Innovations That Can Make a Difference on the Daily

While all of these developments are amazing, you cannot overlook some of the major technologies that all wearers can benefit from on a day to day basis. Not only are there fibers now that can absorb moisture and block odor, there are also fabrics so breathable that they will never stretch or wear out. A prime example of this is seen in UnderFit men’s undershirts, which stays tucked, stay dry, stays soft, and stays odor-free. You may not be interested in charging devices off of your shirt at the moment, but everyone is certainly are interested in comfort at an optimal level.

Fabric is not all about fashion. While aesthetics are still very important, fabric has become something that adds to functionality. With advances in technology, textiles will be doing some amazing things in the near future.

By Brooke Chaplan

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