Facebook Video Chat Problems-Find Instant Solution

Although many Facebook users anticipated the Video Chat feature, the results have not been as seamless as users had expected. Although the idea behind the entire concept is laudable and attractive to millions of Facebook users, the experience is yet to meet the expectations. Here are some common errors that you are likely to face pre and post installation, and how you can solve them.



The installation process is pretty simple. To get started with making voice calls to your friends and family you need to enable your video chat account. Visit the facebook.com/videocalling page where you can access the plug-in that allows for the installation of the video chat program. Once you are at the page, click the video camera button located at the upper right side of the chat window. This will lead to an installation option that you should click on to start the installation process.

At the top right hand side of the chat window, you will see a call tab that you can click on if you want to call you friends and family. However, no video will launch unless the person you are calling answers the call. In the event that they do not answer, you can create and leave a video message. This message will show on the messages area, which also supports text messages.

Unsuccessful installation

One common error most users face is unsuccessful installation. In this case, you will need to run the application again, to reinstall it. However to ensure that the reinstallation process is successful it is advisable that you uninstall the initial Video Chat application that you had installed. If you are using Windows as your operating system, go to Control Panel, select Software and Programs and then uninstall this particular program.

Browser Updates

A common reason why some Facebook Video Chat installations fail is that the web browser is not updated. Download the latest version of the web browser that you are using, from its respective website. Most major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari support the Video Chat plug-in. When you get an error showing that the video chat function is unavailable, it is an indication to update your browser.

Webcam Issues

The Facebook Video Chat feature is integrated into Skype. Skype also allows you to link your Skype account with your Facebook account. However, even if you have not linked these two together, you may still use the Video Chat function on Facebook. But, you can only use your camera on either of these platforms and not on both of them at the same time. Another problem you may be facing is with the webcam. Make sure that the webcam is not running on double applications, that is, both Skype and Facebook Video Chat.

Additionally, users may encounter problems with the camera if does not have updated drivers. It is recommended to update the Microsoft Directx drivers if you are using the Windows operating system.

Video Quality Problems

Another error that you may encounter is in the video and its quality. Some factors may contribute to this including that the person you are calling has a poor quality webcam. It could also be that other applications running on your computer are contributing to slow internet connection and thus interfering with the video content.

Note that your video calls will not go through if the person you are calling has not yet installed the Facebook Video Chat application. You might have to wait for them to install it before you can communicate.

In conclusion, if none of these solutions work to help you install the Video Chat plug-in you may contact the Facebook support center for further assistance.

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