Facebook Monitoring Guide for Parents

Ever since the invention of Facebook, it has gained users faster than any social network ever made, beating its competition like MySpace, Friendster, that were the top dogs at that time. With over 1.43 million monthly users, Facebook has definitely established itself as the leading social networking platform available on the internet. Facebook users range from kids, less than eight years old, to adults in the “senior citizen” phase of life. Now, some might argue that Facebook is a necessity that every person must have, because no other platform offers this much connectivity with friends on such a wide scale that we can see where they are or what they are doing but, aside from the obvious advantages that come with Facebook, there are also some certain disadvantages.


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Like fore-mentioned, young children have access to Facebook, who don’t really use it for chatting with their own friends, but are more interested in making new ones and interact with strangers all around the globe. Such strangers may turn out to be honest and well-mannered people, but more often than not they come in contact of people preying on their young minds, trying to lead them astray.

Children never really understand these circumstances. They always consider these strangers their true friends without eventhinking that they have yet to gain the experience to differentiate between good and bad. Hence, it falls on the shoulders of parents to ensure that they stay on the right path. One way of doing this, would be to add your children as “Friends” on Facebook. But, children are usually reluctant to do so because they hate someone peeking into their personal life. This can prove out to be quite a tough task for parents. However, the most convenient way of keeping track of their online life would be to use spy apps. Spy apps are designed to keep track of people’s online activity, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Thus, they are the perfect source of spying in on your kids without them ever finding out about it!

Facebook gives birth to a few problems that could leave a serious dent on your kid’s personality. Some of these include cyberbullying, addiction to porn, drug abuse, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t just stop your kids from using Facebook. However, you may take preventive measure to make sure they stay safe online. One of the common ways to keep your kids from becoming a victim of online harassment is the use of spy apps.

What Makes Spy Applications Helpful?

Spy application industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the tech world today. They provide unique and state-of-the-art surveillance facilities that can not only monitor your child’s mobile, but also keep an eye on their online activity. It can tap into each and every single call and text message being made or received from the target device. It also has the unique ability of turning the devices camera on or off at ones will to ensure that the surrounding in safe for the kids. The GPS trackers provided by most spy apps are apt at locating your children even if they are on the other side of the planet.

Its online monitoring software can record the activity of your child from each social networking app installed onto their phone, whether it is Twitter, Pinterest or most importantly Facebook. It also keeps an eye on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, etc. Thus, you can protect the minds of your children without them ever finding out.It can also:

  • Keep an eye on Facebook messages and posts.
  • Keep track of private conversations.
  • Check newly added people, recently removed ones and new followers.
  • Find out the time and place of for every conversation when it takes place.

Hence, with these procedures you can protect the minds of your children stealthily without having them know what you up to, saving parents not only tons of money in the long run but also help them sleep better at night. And guess what? All this can be done by spending only a few dollars as most of the spy apps like TheOneSpy are quite affordable. What else you want?

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