Evolving IT and IT Enabled Services to Meet Modern User Needs

Today it is being globally accepted that IT and IT enabled Services are developing like never before. Information Technology started to spread its limbs far and wide about 20-25 years back. But it will unanimously be accepted that the growth of this industry in the last 8-10 years has been phenomenal.

The main reasons for this speedy development is attributable to the confluence of the following three developments:

1. Widespread use and acceptance of the Internet;

2. Corporations and Entrepreneurs viewing the Internet platform as an efficient means of conducting business.

3. Today consumers are willing to transact over the shared networks.

Let us now look at the major developments that have taken place to match the modern users need.

Email – Founded by Sabeer Bhatia, the creator of Hotmail, E- Mail provides its user with the ability to transmit information globally at amazing speeds.

Search Engines. Google was founded in 1998 and since then there has no been looking back.

Networking – the web today is filled with networking sites like facebook , Twiteer, Orkut, LinkedIn, FLickr. These sites fulfill the human cravings for making contacts and sharing feelings.

Smartphones – today, the needs of mobile users are becoming more sophisticated by each passing day. Most companies nowadays are aiming at providing high end smartphones with cutting edge technology to satisfy user needs and thus capturing higher market share.

Software – today there is multibillion dollar market for operating systems like Windows, MAC, Ubuntu. Application Software is garnering more interest with each passing day. Application Software and Mobile Applications are now aiming to fulfilling the most extreme and even the most silly requirements that human beings may face.

Online Entertainment – sites like Youtube help users replicate the experience of watching television.

Information – Today the information needs of most people are fulfilled by the creation of tens of thousands of blogs, websites like Wikipedia, Howstuffworks, etc.

Banking – with the advent of Mobile Banking, Tele Banking, Internet Banking, the users are being able to get the convenience of banking at the click of an instance.

So, what are the emerging technologies to meet the modern needs of users ? Let’s find out:


Most hardware companies are aiming to provide the smartest, fastest and smallest hardware platforms for usage by its consumers.

Holographic and Paper Phones

In Japan, the first Paper phone has already been manufactured and researches for holographic mobile systems are underway in many countries.


To replace the human habits of doing petty tasks, robotic technology has been undertaken by many technologically advanced nations like USA, Japan, etc.

Mobile Applications

The mobile application market extends to all mobile platform like iPhone, Android, Windows, Symbian and Blackberry OS. More need based mobile applications are coming up to satisfy the mobile users.

Free Software

Today the most fundamental requirement of consumers is freebies. Whether it is software, services or even online shopping, people want freebies. To match this, many web platforms are being established to provide free stuff to people by creating alternative revenue models.

Information Technology has been and will keep on evolving to match modern human needs as new needs keep on coming up and old needs keep on being modified.

Roman is a guest blogger interested in IT and SM innovations. He likes going for different courses and trainings where he shares his own ideas and learns lots of new interesting stuff. He has recently taken part in Microsoft VBA training course to further his knowledge on Visual Basic for Applications. Roman never stops learning and developing his professional skills as any guest author should have background to lean on while writing.

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