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If you are asking yourself just what is it is an IP address that is utilized by a lot of routers made for home use. This is an IPv4 but unlike the ones you see on the web, this is private and is meant only for use in corporate networks or the home. This is usually set up by the company manufacturer and is used for getting into the administrative console of your router.


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This IP address can be found in the to range. This range was determined by the RFC 1918 which is used for designating private addresses. The address is typically used for configuring a local area network via the router. Note that the admin console of the device can be accessed by typing in any browser.

After typing you will see an interface asking for authentication, and you need to provide your username and password. If you didn’t change the original settings, just type “admin” or “default” depending on your system. If you are not sure, just check your manual or go to the website of the router’s manufacturer.

Just remember that this IP address cannot be used on several devices on the same network, as it will lead into system conflict and troubles. This is an important point to remember. If there is a problem with the IPs or the network slows down, it could be due to the IP address being used on multiple devices.

More about IP Addresses and Routers

Even though it is the default IP address it can be changed to another type of Internet protocol address although this is not necessary. This is usually only done if there is a problem with the network that the administrator suspects has something to do with the address.

If the network experiences problem related to the IP address, a number of steps may be taken to resolve it. One of the most common problems is being unable to access it due to issues with the password and username. Keep in mind that these routers have preset passwords and usernames that you must change for security reasons. If you don’t know how to change the password, consult your router manual.


Another reason why IP addresses fail is that they are being blocked by the firewall. If your firewall is too strict, then you might not be able to load your admin console. Make sure that the firewall policy is not too strict as to prevent your accessing the console. Make certain that the is not included in the restrictions. Problems can also be due to the wrong IP, because the IP addresses used by companies differ. You can avoid problems by checking the address that your router uses by default.

Troubles with the network mask may also make it impossible to open a console page. One way to solve this is to check the network mask configuration for the systems that are working together. Or the difficulties could simply lie in the Internet connection especially if it is wireless.

As you can see, knowing what is is necessary to resolve any potential problems with your network. Even though a lot of the info may seem confusing, it is much better to learn about them now than when you have a problem with the IP address.

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