Evade from these web design sins

Web design can be conducted in thousands of ways. Today when we literally have thousands of sites offering free website and blog templates, almost everybody can make their own website. However, for a more serious and attractive website, you need to keep to some basic rules. Moreover, you should also know what dead ends in web design to avoid in order to make everything you publish on your site appealing and useful for your visitors.


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Why sliding?

Sliders are often incorporated into numerous website, especially the ones dealing with e-commerce, like cars, clothes and furniture. These features are meant to serve as easily adjustable ways of getting the price range or any other scope for the users of a particular site. However, sliders have proven to be quite imprecise and they often frustrate users. Just try to remember how many times you have ended up furious with a slider and simply left slider-dominated sites.

Instead of them, you could go for empty fields in which users themselves could type in the parameters they want to be displayed or searched.

Beware of tiny letters

Although small print is usually referred to as the main thing to avoid when it comes to bank loans, it is similar with websites, too. Websites on which content is written in tiny fonts will demand more energy and eye strain. If your visitors have already spent the whole day squinting at the computer at their workplace, why torturing them with additional pain? People tend to overdo with the amount of information and opt for smaller letters to make enough space for all the details. However, the point of crafted web design is choosing the optimal font size for your site.

Annoying welcome/registration messages

Aggressive marketing often works and people that are suddenly struck by an offer tend to succumb to its shocking nature. However, since the Internet has been here for a while, more experienced users will not appreciate the welcome-and-register type of messages. This method has become obsolete and it will contribute to the bounce rate, rather than to the conversion rate.

If you have run out of advertising ideas for your site, don’t dwell on those worn-out ones, but go for new and original solutions. Online marketing experts can help you. For instance, you can ask for assistance from digital agency Sydney-residing professionals from Infinity Technologies, who have already created dozens of genuine website popularizing ideas for their clients.


Drowning in arty design

On one side we have over-simplistic design ideas that usually lack the appropriate content. These usually come as a result of free website templates. However, on the other side of the design scope there is rich and beautiful but over-arty design. When somebody comes to your website, he or she has not come there to admire your design skills. The main thing that matters is high website usability through easy navigation. And then, as a comfortable-but-not-decisive element comes the design of the site. If you fail to draw their attention with your content, artistic web design will neither help your website nor your business.

The battle in the web design arena is only becoming a precarious war. The outcome can never be told in advance, but if you follow some basic guidelines derived from experienced designers, your design will be among the ones that will get a thumb up for the performance at the end of the day.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites

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