Essential Travel Applications

Travelling can be a daunting experience but with the creation of applications it has made it a hell of a lot easier. You are now able to navigate and find hotels with ease in huge cities. You can even use apps like or trip adviser to help you find the best deal on a perfectly located hotel. By using there user friendly search you can search for hotel in an exact location like “Dublin Hotel” an you can refine by location and amenities. However there are far more apps that are essential whilst you are on your travels.

Google Maps (Available on App Store & Google Play)

My number one most essential application while travelling abroad has to be Google Maps. This app is so detailed and diverse that you will never get lost as you have the option of switching between car, walking and public transport. This app will help you so much as you will be able to find exact directions to your hotel as soon as you leave the airport. Not only can you do this but also in big cities you can use the walking directions to help you find each of the various sights around the city.

Say Hi – Translation Application (Available on App Store & Google Play)

A translation app can be essential if you are travelling to a country that does not speak your native language. This means that you will have to try to overcome the language barrier. This can be easily done by saying or typing a phrase into the app and it will translate it. Not only will it show the translated phrase on the screen it will also speak the phrase so the person will understand. This can help avoid awkward conversations where neither party knows what the other is saying.

Wi-Fi Finder (Available on App Store & Google Play)

Wi-Fi can be the key to finding exactly what you need when you are holiday. It could be a restaurant or just more information on a sight but if you use Wi-Fi it wont cost you a penny. This app will display all of the networks that are open and free this way you wont have to search through every network to find one that works.

Weather Application (Available on App Store & Google Play)

Weather can be a key component to any holiday so you might as well keep an eye on what is to come. The weather app will be able to tell you the forecast and from this you can draw up a plan for what activities you will do that day. If you have sun you should try and get any outdoor activities done in case they cant be done in the rain.

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