eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security review

While searching for a good Antivirus program, I came across the eScan Internet Security Suite (ISS) with cloud security published by the MicroWorld Technologies Inc. The Antivirus software costs about 1300 in my country which is just about $25. Before spending the $25, I just downloaded the trial version. The trial version was very impressive. You can get Free 30 Days Trial Download of eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security for Windows to test the product.


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The trial version was around 470 MB. After downloading, the installation took place for just about 2 minutes. The User Interface was very appealing. It was extremely user friendly. The quick scan took place and the antivirus program was able to detect rootkits and Trojans. The quick scan was completed within 5 minutes. The full scan takes place for about an hour to cover my 320GB HDD. I was pretty happy with the results.

When I turned on my computer the next day, the boot-up was significantly faster than it used to be when I had other antivirus programs. The start-up scan was very fast enabling quick boot-up on my computer. The Internet Security Suite instantaneously checked for updates and installed them.

The two features which I like about this antivirus are the Remote support feature and the automatic Windows OS patch installer. The remote support feature lets an eScan technician to remotely access my computer for troubleshooting. The automatic Windows OS patch Installer searches for patch updates in the Windows site and installs the patches automatically if they are present.

I am a hardcore gamer. I spend my time playing games like GTA IV, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Hitman Absolution and Battlefield 3. I usually get frustrated if my gaming is interrupted by notifications. The Gaming detection feature in the ISS automatically detects when I run a game and prevents notifications when I am in the middle of the game. The best thing is that you don’t need to enable the gaming mode every time, it automatically detects if you launch a game.

The feature I have never seen in other security software is the secure delete feature. The secure delete feature deletes a file or a folder permanently from your computer so that the information cannot be retrieved illegally by others using recovery software. For details see eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security for Windows Information Page.

The Recovery features of eScan are the best I have ever seen. The eScan rescue mode is similar to other softwares I have seen. But, the biggest advantage is that the eScan rescue mode does not require an optical media to initialise it. The eScan rescue performs from the hard disk drive itself. The Auto backup and restore feature automatically backs up the data and at a time when it finds a file or a folder infected, it automatically replaces the infected file with the clean file which was automatically backed up.

I was also pleased with its online performance. The software offers cloud security. One more thing I like is the two way firewall. The software is able to filter both incoming and outgoing internet activities.

One feature which makes the eScan ISS a must buy is its customer support. They offer a 24/7 free online support. There are also active forums and email, chat support features. The online support feature made me choose this antivirus program over the others. The extended support they offer is amazing.

The eScan Internet Security Suite is a small program big on features. The design is very simple, user friendly and effective. The features combined with its customer support makes the software a must buy.

The product is highly recommended. You will definitely miss something if you are not going to choose eScan.You can Buy eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security for Windows from this page.

Article written by Velayutham.

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