Electronic Snore Stopper

Electronic Snore Stopper

Electronic Snore Stopper

Now, rather than banishment to the spare room, liberation is in sight for the silent army of sufferers – and their insufferable partners. And it’s all down to a little electric shock therapy. This astonishingly insightful little box of tricks is worn on the wrist like a watch and delivers a tiny electrical impulse to the wearer whenever a sound is detected at night. Rather than wake the snorer, it’s just enough to rouse them to shift their position – much like the tried-and-tested elbow in the ribs, only a touch less invasive. It’s a truly splendid invention, and one that could, by repeatedly changing their night-time behaviour, even start to ‘cure’ the insufferable snorer over time.

Just slap-on some contact gel, pop on the Snore Stopper, select how intense the impulses need to be (one a scale of 1 to 10) then snuggle down for a good night’s rest. Bliss.Not suitable for people with Sleep Apnea or OSA

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