Electronic Scales

I friend of mine is a farmer and he told me how hard is to find scales to see how much an animal weighs.

I have asked him if he know how to use the internet. Although the answer was yeas my friend admitted that he haven’t tried to buy a livestock scale form an online shop.

elcrtonic scale

So I got my netbook and opened Google.  In less than 10 minutes I have discovered 5 good sites with information about electronic scales and 10 suppliers.

The livestock scales are different from conventional ones because the animal will move on the scale.  On a regular scale if you move the device will show and error. So the livestock ones are created to show weight even if the animal move a lot.

These are used by all farmers because the have a high weight tolerance and a good accuracy. A god livestock scale can hold an animal up to 5,000 lbs.

The main livestock scales features are:

  • heavy duty steel construction
  • rust proof galvanized finish

And the best come with a feature called Average Weight Hold. This compensates for animal movement so the farmer will receive an exact reading.

The scales are made from solid materials so the farmer can use them for years.

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