Eight Modern Marvels that we don't Appreciate until They're Gone

The modern world is full of technology and engineering that has made our daily lives easier and more comfortable. But, like most people, you’re probably unaware of many of the technologies that enrich your daily life. What would you do–what would any of us do–if those modern marvels suddenly disappeared?


Electricity, generated from a variety of sources, powers the majority of the devices you interact with. The computer you access the internet on, the television you watch the big game on, the lights in your office–all of these devices run on electricity. Did you know that, without electricity, your car would stop running? Odd though it may seem, all gas stations use electric pumps to get the gas into your car. No electricity, no gas!


Before the sewer system was built in London during the 19th century, the city itself was a sewer. The River Thames, which ran through the center of the city, was a giant, open sewer canal which had disastrous effects on public health. With the introduction and construction of a modern sewer system, London flourished to become one of the world’s greatest cities. Other nations were soon to follow.

Modern Air Conditioning / Heating

Until recently, the temperature inside your home was controlled by Mother Nature. If you lived in a warm, tropical climate, the interior of your home would be hot and humid. If you resided in Alaska, you’d be forced to heat your home by burning wood, coal, or oil in an inefficient furnace or fireplace. Today’s modern home heating systems enable safe, effective heating of your home. Craig Reese, a specialist in oil burner repair in Nassau County, advises that all homeowners be sure to check the effectiveness of their heating systems before the winter hits. When the weather outside gets frightful, there are few things less delightful than frozen floors and ice on the inside of your windows.


Eight Modern Marvels that we don't Appreciate until They're Gone

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Prior to wide-spread vaccinations, thousands of people all around the globe died each year of illnesses like measles, whooping cough, mumps, smallpox, and polio. Modern medicine has eradicated many of these diseases and vaccinations continue to play a key role in preventative medicine. Vaccines save an estimated 2.5 million lives each year, lives that would have otherwise been lost to once-disastrous illnesses.


Prior to the telephone, messages were hand written and delivered by postal couriers, pigeons or Morse code. If you wanted to speak to a loved one, you did it in person or via a letter. Today, picking up the phone and calling a friend thousands of miles away is so commonplace, most people take it for granted


Food itself is not a modern marvel. But the systems for harvesting, transporting and delivering are. In today’s modern supermarket you can find fruit from all over the world. Less than two generations ago, you were limited to food grown locally or in close proximity to your home. Today, food can be shipped around the world and enjoyed by consumers, no matter what the season or location of origin.


Transportation has always been available, but the methods and variety available to us today are astounding. In 1900, a trip around the world could take upwards of three months. Today, you’re able to fly from New York to Australia non-stop in less than a day!

The Internet

A mere 20 years ago, the internet was a fledgling technology barely allowing for email messages to be transmitted. Today, the number of technologies that depend on the internet is mind boggling. From hotel reservations to email, viewing videos or personal banking, the internet provides the backbone on which thousands of other technologies rely. Without it, many of us would have to drastically change the way we live our daily lives. A sudden lack of internet access would necessitate a serious technological regression to the era of paper and radio-based information and communication.

These are just a few of the modern technologies you probably take for granted on a daily basis. Next time you turn on a light switch, flush your toilet, turn up your thermostat, go to the doctor, make a telephone call, eat some imported food, or enjoy a ride on a train or car, take a moment to appreciate the marvels that many of us can’t imagine living without!

By Emma Sturgis

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