Editor’s Picks May 2013

Articles you should read. Every month our editors search tech sites and recommend you the articles you must read to keep up with today technologies.

Editor’s Picks May 2013

This month recommendations are:

The Best Fitness Gadgets of 2013 By David Lewzey


In these days almost everyone has some extra pounds. David Lewzey analyzes the gadgets which may help you lose the extra ponds and get in shape.

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Nokia Lumia 920: A very smart Smartphone by Suraj Singh


Want a really smart Smartphone? According to Suraj Singh Nokia Lumia 920 is the gadget to have.

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Space Cadet Defender HD – The coolest free version of space invaders that I’ve found by Jose Lozano


Jose Lozano like the most of us enjoys good video games. This article is about the Space Cadet Defender HD a free Android game you should try because it’s fun.

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Innovation at Its Best: Five Advancements in Technology That Will Blow You Away by Hayley Granton


Hayley Granton is analyzing whet the future of technology will bring us. Learn about gadgets and electronics like: 3 printers, futuristic homes security device and more.

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Why It’s So Important To Back Up Your Computer by Mandy Hodgkinson


What it will be like if you lost all you files? No more images with friends and family, no more documents you created, no more files!

Don’t be scared Mandy Hodgkinson will teach you how to keep your information safe.

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