Eco button – PC Energy Saving Gadget

Eco gadgets are becoming more and more popular because our society realizes that the resources will not last forever and we have to leave some resources for the next generations.

With the energy savings in mind Eco button PC Energy Saving gadget was created.

Eco button - PC Energy Saving Device

Do you leave your PC idle while you work or wander off? One click from this gadget saves £50 per year, conserves energy and helps the environment.

Eco Button Features:

  • Conserve energy wasted by idle PCs and monitors
  • Save £50 a year in saved energy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by 135kg CO2 per year
  • Simple to use – USB connection

Waste energy

  • 1/3 or more of energy used on a PC and monitor is wasted energy
  • That’s 1.5 billion kWh of energy all going to waste every year
  • Or in environmental terms, 7,000,000 tonnes of carbon (10% of the UK’s climate change levy target)!
  • lrg-qua-ecoButton

    Eco button is a discreet USB device that acts as a reminder and a prompt for you to press the ecobutton at every opportunity whenever your computer is going to be left idle, helping you save money and the environment.

    When the Eco button is pressed your computer enters energy saving ‘ecomode’ – that’s the most efficient, lowest power mode available, which actually draws only the same nominal power as when the computer and monitor are turned off! When you need to use the computer again, simply press any key to instantly return to where you left off.


    Eco button gadget cost £14.95 and it is available at Gizoo.

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    1. This sounds like a great product. I get tired of constantly changing my power settings depending on what I’m doing.

    2. This is a good idea to save the PC and the product seems to be good.

    3. Agreed with Lexli! That is pretty cool. It is sad that we need a reminder, but having that sure would be nice, and make things very easy. You wouldn’t even have to wait for the screensaver to come on, and then energy power to kick in, you can just stand up, slam the button, and you’re off! I like it!

    4. It is good idea, it will save money and environment. By ready to this blog i come to know that we are wating so much of energy and this is one of the way we can save energy.Great idea.

    5. Cool idea for a gadget and gift for someone!

    6. If somebody has already tried the product…please let me know if its really great because it sounds to be good.I would like to try it out.

    7. summer internships

      This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard of in a looong time… the energy savings alone pay for this thing in a few months and wasting energy is just stupid. There are so many corporate offices that need to get this…

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