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The advancing technology has given many options for the people to make their life easier and convenient. For instance, WhatsApp application has become viral these days within the smart phone users. Although there are other options for sharing, one will be able to enjoy fast and easy sharing with this amazing app. In other words, this technology has given a whole new dimension to the smart phone users. WhatsApp is available free of cost for the initial year. You will be able to share images, audio messages and videos through this amazing app. One will be able to share all he needs easily, promptly and free of cost using WhatsApp. Due to these factors, it has also become an ideal alternative for MMS and SMS.


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According to the experts, WhatsApp is a new application that is easy to download and install. Moreover, the app is compatible with Blackberry, Android and iOS phones. With the free services offered by the company, WhatsApp has turned the head of many tech giants. Apart from the above mentioned factors, there are also many other reasons for the increasing popularity of this amazing app in the market. Easy downloading and installing option is one of the main reasons for its success in the market. Moreover, it is also acting as a substitute for SMS and MMS. This simple application comes free for the first year. This will allow you to chat and share free of cost. According to the developers, the app will be charged nearly INR 107 for a year, which is also quite affordable.

WhatsApp will help you to send images, videos, audio messages and texts easily. Moreover, it is also considered to be quick and simple comparing to other options available in the market. It does not matter where in the world the user is located, he or she will be able to easily share and communicate with WhatsApp. This is also one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity in the market. It does not matter whether you are using an Android, Blackberry, iOS or Symbian smart phone, you will be able to easily download and start using WhatsApp. Moreover, you do not need a user name or password to sign in for using this amazing app. The above mentioned are some of the major factors for the increasing popularity of WhatsApp in the market today.

According to the experts, WhatsApp has started a new trend in the technology field. It is also considered as one of the most efficient and user friendly app available in the market today. Regardless to your interests or profession, using WhatsApp can be a great support for your work. The communication with your contacts will become much simpler and hassle free with the help of this amazing application. It does not matter what smart phone model or brand you use, WhatsApp can be easily downloaded on www.whatsapp-blackberry.com and installed. Moreover, when you are downloading this app, you do not have to worry about any hidden charges of costs.

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