Don’t Miss the Last Train to Timbuktu

Created by Green-Eyed Games, Last Train to Timbuktu is a puzzle challenge game that is rather unique. This low budget game really delivers as a charming and fun way to kill time. Plus, it’s about trains. Who among us didn’t want to be an engineer at some point in their lives? When you were 10? 12? Maybe you’re like us and it was yesterday. If that’s the case, then check out this cute puzzler as we roll down the review track.


The object of this game is quite simple. You are trying to connect the track in between the stations. But, you can’t just connect the pieces of track in just any order. You have to connect the track in a way that makes it line up with the shaded area. This shaded area stays in the same position while the track is on ……well tracks. This tracking system is moved left and right and up and down. With a swipe of the finger the whole row or column, depending on the direction of your swipe, is slid. Keeping a piece where you need it can get tricky, but nearly any gamer can complete, at least, the first few levels of the game. Once you complete the track, connecting the stations, your little train will carry on its way, leading you to the next, more challenging level.


In Last Train to Timbuktu, there are four types of game modes for you to choose from. The first mode we will take a look at is the “Race” mode. You are pitted against an opponent, so time is of the essence as you need to puzzle through your track quickly and reach the other station first. Do this for 10 levels and you will be crowned champion. The second mode you should know about is the “Practice” mode. Use this mode to train yourself to be the best track layer ever. Number three mode is “Time Challenge”. Better watch the clock and complete the level as fast as you can, when playing this mode. Lastly, the “Move Challenge” is definitely the mode for those who like to slow down and plot each move. So remember, don’t jump the gun here, careful planning and preparation is the key for getting you to your goal. Each unique mode requires you to play differently in order to complete its challenge, adding a great deal to the replayability of this game.

Last Train to Timbuktu has quaint and simple graphics, but they work well with the idea of the game. The controls are so easy even the smallest gamers can move the board around. It’s also worth mentioning that this game is free on Google play, but if you want a PC or Mac version, that’ll cost you $3.00. You can also check out the free online demo of the game at the developer’s website. So, as you can see there are a lot of ways to enjoy this game. No excuses, check out Last Train to Timbuktu today.

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