Don’t have enough money to get a Wii? Try EZi Entertainment Games Console

If you don’t have the budget to buy a Wii you can have a look at EZi Entertainment Games Console.

EZi Entertainment Games Console

The EZi is a fully-featured entertainment zone packed with games and accessories, all at a fraction of the price of other games consoles.

The remote controls sense movement, and by plugging in the sports accessories you can play lifelike versions of golf, tennis, baseball and table tennis.

The EZi includes an amazing 87 games on two cartridges, offering fantastic value for money. There are sports game like baseball, boxing, bowling and darts, as well as loads of arcade and puzzle games

EZi Entertainment Games Console Features:

  • Home entertainment console
  • Plugs into any TV with standard AV cable
  • Motion sensitive controllers
  • Classic game pad
  • Sporting accessories
  • 87 games on two cartridges

Pricing and availability

The EZi Entertainment Games Console is available at See price.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t realise there were alternatives out there. It surely won’t be very good though?

  2. Wholesale Printing

    That game cartridge reminds me so much of the old Family Computer cartridge. Haha! How much is this console, then? Hopefully it’s way cheaper than a Wii.

  3. 87 games on two cartriges sounds good should keep the kids happy for a while

  4. this seems like a great alternative if it works. perhaps follow up posts?

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