Does Your Child Need Their Own Computer and Laptop For School? A Discussion

Technology has a significant role to play in today’s era. We simply cannot think about leading our lives without using computers. In this regard, a question arises whether children also need computers as much as we do or is it better for them that they should wait till they are old enough to use computers? Different people have different opinions about it.

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Culture at Your Kid’s School

All schools are different from each other and so is their culture. It might be possible that a school has a culture of its own in terms of asking kids to have laptops in class. In such a situation, it becomes mandatory for your child to have a laptop for school. Another reason is that since everyone in school is bringing their laptops, increased peer-pressure will definitely influence your child to use laptop.

On the contrary, if all kids make handwritten class assignments and home assignments, then there is no need for your child to have a computer. This is because when no one has one, your child will be comfortable in not having it either.

Students with Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia is a learning disability among children. Students having this disorder find it very difficult to express their thoughts in writing. Therefore, they generally have poor handwriting. However, having their own computer at home as well as at school can be one of the best strategies to manage their Dysgraphia well. Therefore, they are in extreme need for having a computer for school.

A computer will enable them to practice keyboarding skills. Initially, they will go through a difficult phase. But slowly and gradually, their typing speed will improve. Parents of such students always ensure that their child is using computer.

Even if the culture of a school does not permit children to bring laptops in class, those suffering from Dysgraphia are always encouraged to use laptops while jotting down notes by typing rather than writing. After continuously practicing keyboarding skills, these children will come up to the level when their typing speed can go along with the writing speed of other students.

Tracking Time Helps Parents

Most parents allow their children to use computers because they have to use the Internet in order to search for related content needed in their assignments. This can help them indeed. However, some just limit their access to the Internet. They place computers in the living room so that they can monitor all their internet-related activities. They believe that their children need computers for acquiring education.

Regarding this, they are aware of the fact that computer usage can also have negative effects on their children. Therefore, many parents find its solution in terms of installing time-tracking software. It enforces their children to stop using the Internet because specific websites such as Facebook, etc. get blocked by the software.

Some Trust Their Children

Parents have different discussions in terms of letting them use computers or not. Some are really strict, whereas some say that they do not want to create a gap between their level of trust and that of their children. That is why they intend to give freedom to their kids by not placing any restrictions on computer or internet usage.

What Experts Say

Psychologists have a lot to say about whether a child really needs to have his or her own computer for school or not. They clearly say that there are positive as well as negative effects of using computers and the Internet.

Research reveals that using the Internet makes their brain smarter. Children tend to learn more quickly. Secondly, children search for different information related to their field of study. This helps them increase their knowledge. Along with that, they feel confident while sharing all the learned information with their friends and family. Therefore, it is an effective way for promoting self-education among children.

However, if children have access to inappropriate websites, the Internet can create hurdles for their mental health. This is because sexual or violent scenes affect children negatively. Eventually, it can result in an increased level of crimes associated with violence. Another issue is that of Internet bullying.

Therefore, it is essential for your children’s future that you should allow them to use computers but limit the accessibility of Internet usage. If you track the time your children are spending on various Internet activities, you can limit them in terms of using inappropriate websites.

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  1. Though i agreed with fact that laptop for children is not secure, but nothing is secure these days, technology is advancing and we have to accept it. Trusting children doesn’t mean a things, but you should try to guide your children as far as you can. Maybe the morals and good talks help!

  2. I believe that in this day and age of computers kids need to be knowledgeable of computers and the correct way to use them. In the high school, computer research is required for most term papers and class projects. It benefits the kids but they need adult supervision and guidelines on what is right and wrong to use the computer for.

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