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If you are a Fast and Furious fan you definitely want to know that there is an amazing app called FF6 The Game; it was recently released and after using it for a few days I can tell you with certainty that it totally changed the way I look racing apps, this is because the game play is much more audacious than all the other apps where you have the steering wheel and a few buttons to control the speed, and I want to invite you to discover why this game will blow your mind and make you feel like you are inside the car shifting, drifting, and competing against a professional driver.

Fast and Furious 6

FF6 The Game is a racing car app that works very different to the typical racing games, the fact is that there are very specific elements that make this an amazing game and the game play is one of the most important ones. On this app you will be in total control of the stick so you can shift it as the speed goes up; shifting too early or too late will decrease your speed and the chances of losing the race will increase as your car slows down. There will be some drifting areas where you will have to use the break at the right time and this as well will determine the winner of the challenge. This app has the power to make you feel inside the car because you can fully control the stick to shift gears, the brake to perform the drifting, and the nitro to speed up the car. The controls are perfectly positioned so that you can see the speed meter, the brake, the stick, and the race so that you know when is that you need to use each component. This is what in my opinion makes this an awesome game as you control the overall performance of the car to the smallest detail.

Discover what makes FF6 The Game an awesome app

As I’ve been playing this app for a while now I know that the list of the special features that it has is huge, but here I would like to give you more details on those that I consider that stand out from the rest simply because in my opinion they totally transform the game experience into something fresh, new, realistic, and exciting.

FF6 The Game

  • Gameplay: This app transforms your mobile device into a racing car, thus you can control a lot of the critical elements that are required to win the race. This completely changes the gameplay as you will shift gears, use the break, and start the race when you consider it appropriate.
  • Graphics: All the cars are beautifully designed and the graphics of the game speak for themselves. This app was designed paying attention to the details and that enhances a lot the game experience.
  • Challenging: Even if you think that this is just a game and that it will be easy to master it, I am here to tell you that it is going to take you a while as every second counts and if you activate the brake or the stick a little bit out of time you are done. This game will challenge all your skills and you will enjoy it.
  • Adrenaline: If there is something that I feel during each race is the adrenaline as I really get into the game. This app really allows you to step inside the car and feel the excitement of beating another racer.
  • Realistic: Your fuel tank will go empty as you race, the car will need upgrades, fixes, new tires, rims, parts; this means that basically you will have to take care of it as you take care of your own car. In order to unlock races and upgrades you will need money, this money can be bought using a credit card or earned as you win races.

You can enjoy these and more amazing features if you decide to get this amazing app right now. I’m sure you won’t regret it and since the game is free to download it is a good idea to give it a try.

Hit the gas and turn your mobile device into a racing machine now

This game is pretty addictive and with lots of special effects, I tried to be as descriptive as possible with this review but at the same time I wanted to leave you some details for you to discover them. At the end of the day you are the one who has the last word. The fact is that the comments around the internet are confirming that this game is one that you must have. Get FF6 The Game app now and let us know your opinion about the game, if you already have it we would love to know about you so please leave a comment. Have fun!  

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