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Something I’ve seen lately is that finding cool gadgets for men is becoming a difficult thing to do. These days, with all the amazing technology we have, there are lots of great gadgets a man would love, however, how to know which ones to select from all the options we are presented with? This is why I want to give you a list of 5 amazing gizmos that you can’t miss if you are a man, or if you’re looking something good as a gift for a man. The task may look simple, after all is just something for a guy. But the real challenge is to find something that is not just for a guy, otherwise you’ll be like any other guy. The real challenge is to pick those gadgets that are unique, special, and that also make you look like an interesting and fine man. This is why here I’ve made a selection of top 5 ideas that in my experience will make you feel great and impress everyone around you.

A good watch will tell a lot about you

Wrist Watch

A watch is a very manly symbol. These days you can find lots of designs to fit your style. Today, a watch must not be just functional (it should measure time), but also an expression of yourself. Given the fact that you can select from a large variety of styles, a watch will tell a lot about your taste and overall lifestyle. I have reserved another section of this article to smart watches, for now, I’m just talking about a wearable accessory that is also fashionable. This is the secret when selecting a watch, and most guys make this mistake. A watch is a very personal item that is also a reflection of you, it sends a message to those who see it, and while I’m not telling you the message that I personally want to send, I will tell you to think about this the next time you pick a wrist or pocket (yes, these are cool also) watch.

An in-car espresso maker is always a timely item

In Car Espresso Maker

This is the perfect gadget for a quick morning wake up or a romantic date in your car. An in-car espresso maker is a timely gadget for those moments when you have only a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee. You can have your espresso in the middle of nowhere while you’re driving or enjoy a cup of coffee while you’re waiting in the drive-thru. Even when this gadget can be used for everyone, I think it adds a nice touch to the car of a man, since it makes you look practical and sophisticated. Also, if you find a lady in trouble, you can always invite her a cup of coffee while she relaxes in your car.

Let’s have fun with RC helicopters

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

Something that I personally enjoy a lot is having fun outdoors. One of the best ways to do that is with a great remote control helicopter. These devices are super fun to use and it is a hobby that helps you make friends and meet people. Flying an RC helicopter is an amazing experience, and you have to practice hard to get to the highest levels possible. The most impressive type of flight is called 3D flying, which basically means to have your helicopter flying upside-down, from one side to another, and making all kinds of cool tricks. Some of the best RC helicopter reviews you can find online will tell you if the heli is for 3D flight or not, if you’re completely new to this hobby, chances are that you will get a chopper that will not allow you to do this, however, you’ll still get a lot of fun. I started with RC helis back in 2012, so far I’ve done great things with them and it is a hobby that I always enjoy, it helps me to relax and at the same time I have fun flying them. Another cool thing that I’ve seen lately is the ability of experience FPV (First Person View) flight, which is something you achieve by mounting a video camera on your heli or quadcopter. The experience as well as the view is amazing, you get to know how things look like from the air, while you’re safe at the ground.

Google Glass

Google Glass

You must know this: Most guys love technology and a nice set of sunglasses. This is why I think Google totally nailed it with the release of Google Glass. This fantastic device is nothing less and nothing more than a smart set of glasses, they also come in different styles to satisfy the needs of those who want to be online all the time but also desire to look well. Google Glass is one of the newest technologies we have available these days, and it allows you to do things like taking a photo, capturing video, connect with friends, do Google searches, know the weather conditions, and much more. Google released The Glass Explorer Program, which is basically a big social network where you can share your explorer experiences with Google Glass, however, this social network is not just for the sake of uploading videos and telling stories. Google actually wants to challenge their design and improve the quality of their product. This is one of the most amazing gadgets released in 2014, so far they are having a great response from the public. This, however, is not a cheap gadget, the retail price is $1,500 USD, so definitely consider the budget if you want to get this.

The Smart Watch

Samsung Smartwatch

This is the section I was anticipating before. I’m a huge lover of watches, but I’ve also seen that lots of men are as well, so that is the reason why I decided to include them in this list. Smart watches are a reality these days. You can now call somebody, send a text message, and many more things with nothing more than a small and good looking smart watch. Pebble Smartwatch was one of the first and most popular designs to see the light, however, these days you can find different alternatives from other companies. One that is definitely making a huge impact in the market is the Samsung one. They launched an impressive marketing campaign to tell the world about their latest item. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch not only looks good, but allows you to make and receive calls, check your heart rate when working out, enjoy music on the go, get instant notifications from your phone and apps, and many, many more things. This fantastic gadget weighs 1.92 ounces and has the regular size of a regular wrist watch.

That was my selection of Cool Gadgets for men

I hope you enjoyed this list. I’ve made this selection based on my own experience with these gadgets, and even when I have more gadgets to tell you about, I wanted to share those that I really enjoy. What are your thoughts about this list? Do you think I’m missing somet
hing? Let us know your comments below.

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