Digems Kit 1 Review

Although the iPod Nano 7G was launched in September 2012 the Nano 6G is still very popular and is used by most Apple iPod users. Digems has made it even more popular by making the Digems Kit 1 which is a perfect fit for the iPod Nano 6G.
Designed by a company in Munich it has done what had never been done before – turning jewelry into a digital product. Digems is a well known organization in the jewelry industry supplying merchandise to independent jewelers.

Digems Kit 1

Most people put their iPod Nano in one of their pockets, attach it to the waist of their trousers, or clip it to the front of their shorts if they are jogging. Now, there is a new way of keeping your iPod at the same time displaying it fashionably with the help of the Digems Kit 1. With an advanced technique used by the Digems Kit you can now wear the iPod Nano around your neck by attaching it to your chain or necklace. When you wear the Digems Kit it will not seem to anyone that the iPod is not part of the Kit.

Digems is actually good solution to a wear your ipod and integrate it into your lifestyle.

You can change the images on the iPod with attractive new images known as Gems that will be supplied via downloads by Digems. Even if you have only one chain, it can be turned into numerous attractive versions by changing the image on the iPod. Imagine the thrill of being seen in a different type of necklace at different events and parties! In fact, if you own a large variety of chains and necklaces you will be able to look different every day for weeks if not months.

The Digems Kit 1 has been termed as "urban user generated jewelry". Digems is expecting creative people to make their own designs and upload them to the internet so that others can also use them.

Digems Kit 1 image 2

The body of the kit is made out of stainless steel with a tumble finish and superior plastics using manufacturing methods with high precision tools. When you receive the package you will be impressed by the high quality of the packaging which is made from recycled paper. The kit consists of the body, ring and bracket.

The design of the Digems Kit 1 was conceptualized by Andreas Ulrich who is famous as the owner of Suolocco, an agency that successfully redesigned and marketed the advertising space at Munich airport. Martin Eder was the technician who was responsible for implementing the design of the Digems.

Digems Kit 1 image 3

The Digems has no screws that would spoil its impressive look and has been designed in such a way that it will match your iPod beautifully. When you wear the Digems no one will be able to make out the body of the kit which actually looks like a precious metal that is worth much more.

Before you order the Digems you should be aware that you will need an iPod Nano 6G. Moreover, your chain should be able to hang the iPod without breaking. You can use the settings on the Nano to choose the duration for displaying each type of image or Gem.
The Digems Kit 1 is set to add even more value to the iPod Nano and revolutionize jewelry. The kit will set a trend that will only increase in the days to come.

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