Devil Paper Clip Holder

 Compact size fits on even the most crowded desks

My desk is always a mess. Right now it’s overflowing with papers, sunflower seeds, iPods, old ink catridges, DVD remote controls, clocks that don’t work, brochures for remote controlled airplanes, and a book on how to write “sales copy that sells”. Apparently, listing the contents of your messy desk is not one of their “Top 10 Killer Sales Strategies”. I shouldn’t make too much fun of it. I did buy the book.The point (hey, sometimes I need a running start) is that the Devil Paper Clip Holder is a good size. It’s about 2.75 inches in diameter and about 2.5 inches tall. While 2.75 inches doesn’t sound like a lot, I was able to easily fit about 60 paperclips into it. I’m sure you could fit 90 if you really wanted to.

Magnetized demon holds your paper clips

No, the magnet isn’t strong enough to erase your hard drive full of questionable swimsuit photos. It is strong enough, however, to hold on to your paper clips. This is a good thing because that’s the point of the product.

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