Debunking common SMS marketing myths

There are a number of myths circulating the internet that create negative impressions about text message marketing. Here we are listing some of them and will try to tell you the truth behind those myths.


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Bulk SMS marketing is for youngsters

Even though text messages initially became popular as a method of communication used primarily by youngsters, but its potential was soon discovered by older generation too. Today, Bulk SMS is used popularly by people of all ages due to numerous advantages like simple to use, cheap and ability to deliver instantly.

Text message marketing just works for bigger brands

Text message marketing can work effectively for brands of any size, provided you have a database of clients to reach out to. Text message is also a successful marketing tool to use as it delivers your message immediately, costs nothing to create and is cheap to use. As a result, it is great for small brands with a limited budget for marketing.

Text message marketing is spam

As text message marketing is an opt-in service, texts are sent only to people who agree to get them. Anyone who send SMS without taking the permission from the recipient is not following the rules. Due to this reason, SMS marketing unlike other types of marketing like cold calling and email marketing can’t be considered as spam. If promotional SMSs start to annoy the receiver there is always the option to opt out which generally involves sending an SMS with keyword like STOP to the given number to end the agreement. Once this is done receiver won’t be able to receive any more promotional messages from that particular number.

Text messaging is detached and cold

Some people say that the correct intention and tone of a text message can’t be communicated through written word. But, if this was the case then other types of marketing like leafleting, email marketing and poster ads would also be tagged in the same way and would not generate the remarkable profits that they are known to create.

There are also a number of ways to make text message marketing more personal like making sure that clients are targeted with SMS containing details that are relevant to them like addressing a valuable client personally in SMS, sending personalized SMS on anniversary and birthday and exclusive coupon codes on special events to the client.

Finally, because Transactional Bulk SMS is sent directly to the mobile phone of the recipient, this immediately makes it a lot more personalized form of communication than communicating through gadgets like a landline or a desktop for other marketing techniques.

Text messaging can only be used by a few industries

As mentioned above that text message marketing can be used by any size of business, similarly it can also be used by any type of industry. Text message marketing has a number of benefits that can be used by any business like sending exclusive offers, alerts or customer information. From education services, caterers, retail stores, night clubs, health service providers, travel agents, bulk SMS has clear benefits for any business.

So, don’t let these myths stop you from leveraging SMS marketing to generate more leads and increasing your revenues.

By Maya Mukharjee


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