Das Kapital Money Box

Das Kapital Money Box

You just have to love the exquisite irony of the Das Kapital Money Box. If you dump your pocket change into this hefty tin book every evening, in no time at all you’ll find you’ve stashed away a considerable hoard of cash (and you probably won’t even be able to lift it). We’re not sure that Marx would have entirely approved, unless of course you plan to disperse your savings to the people, but it’s a great way of saving up some dosh. Of course it’s also a pretty safe place to stash your cash, as we can’t imagine many burglars suspecting that a hefty socio-political tome in your bookcase would conceal a small fortune in treasure.

This book shaped box that gently ribs the arcane concept of communism is made from powder coated steel, has a spacious interior that will hold your valuables (and a considerable amount of pound coins), and has a three number combination lock that you can set yourself.

You can have this for £19.95

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