Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock Review

The Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth speaker and dock are the products I tested this week. It is a Bluettoth speaker which connects to smartphones, tablet or laptops and allows the user to enjoy music. Also in the pack is included a dock which can be used as a tablet/smartphone stand.




The dock is super simple to use. It is adjustable to fit any tablet or smartphone and it is also cable friendly which allows you to charge the device while stinging the dock. The width is adjustable between 12 – 24 mm and the dock’s base it heavy so you can use different types of smartphones and even 10 inch tablets.

The Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth speaker connects via Bluetooth with smartphones, tablets, iPhones or laptops (to use it along with a desktop computer you will need a Bluetooth dongle like the Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Dongle) and it works like a speaker. In plus it features a 3.5mm aux port which allows the use of non Bluetooth device such as MP3 players.

Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth speaker and dock main features:

  • provide quality stereo sound wherever you go
  • wirelessly stream audio using any Bluetooth enabled tablet or smartphone
  • supports battery use for truly mobile music playback
  • intuitive music controls for greater control
  • includes a 3.5mm aux jack for connection to non-Bluetooth devices
  • includes an adjustable cable-friendly dock for mobile devices

Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth speaker and dock review

The first thing I noticed about the Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth speaker was the design. It is pretty stylish and looks hi tech. It is black and looks like a classic Bluetooth speaker – modern but not futuristic.

Connecting my tablet with the Cygnett was easy and fast. It took less than 1 minute and I could listen to music. It is easy to set up and connect to a Bluetooth device.

The sound is powerful and clear. I used the device in my living room and the sound was powerful enough plus it was crystal clear.

I also liked that the device only has a few buttons (on/off, Bluetooth and increase/decrease volume) and these buttons are intuitive to use. No need to read a complicated manual to use the speaker; all things are easy.

The downside is the portability. Although it is not big or heavy there are better solutions when it comes to portable speakers. The Cygnett Soundwave is portable but if you are looking for ultra portability check out the Gum Rock, Gmyle Mini Portable Speakers or the X-mini Max.

The Cygnett Soundwave is great if you use it near you house. It is too big to be placed in a pocket so probably a backpack is a good option. Anyhow the device is not heavy so you can use it for parties or outdoors.

Regarding the dock there are not much to be said. It is made from plastic, it is adjustable so it can hold smartphones and 7 and 10 inch tablets and it is also cable friendly which is useful to charge the device while sitting in the dock.

In conclusion: a good Bluetooth speaker for home and outdoor use which has a classic design and delivers a powerful and clear sound.The dock is useful to place the smartphone/tablet near the speaker.

Pricing and availability

The Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth speaker and dock price tag is $41.49 and you can get one from

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