Customize Your Gadgets. Create Your Own Xbox One Console, Controller and our iPhone 7 Cases

I like that this days we can customize and personalize almost everything. I am a huge fan of personalizing my gadgets and creating unique items and I found a site Called Skinit which allows me to make custom cases for my devices.

In today’s post I will show you how to create your own cases for Xbox one, and iPhone 7.

Customizing something is really easy. My first attempt was to create a Xbox One Case. The first step is to provide an image. TIP: there are a lot of cool image which you can use for free at


Images source

For creating a Xbox case I just uploaded a image I liked and positioned it where I wanted. I had the option to add some text but I decided to skip this step.

Below you can see my Xbox One case.


For creating my own Xbox One Controller skin I opted to go abstract. I found an abstract image I liked on pixabay and uploaded it.

Below you can see my creation. It looks really good if you ask me.


My last creation is an iPhone 7 case. The process was the same as creating the skins for the Xbox one and the controller.

I opted for something abstract again and below you can see my new iPhone case.


There are so many possibilities these days for creating some cool, custom gadgets and I love this. The only limit is the imagination.






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