Custom USB Sticks

USB sticks are very common on offices these days. It is usual for workers to carry one around with them on their lanyard or keep one on their desk. For that reason a colorful or different shaped stick is likely to get the attention of colleagues. That is why they can be such a good marketing item. No one can resist a freebie.


If you are giving custom USB sticks away there will be lots of people who will take them. Even better if it is a useful item as they are likely to use it again and again. If it is an item like a USB stick that you are likely to carry around with you, even better, as more people are likely to see it.

However, if it looks like any other USB stick then it won’t stand out and people won’t be talking about it. Make it a bright color or an unusual shape then it will draw attention and others will ask where you got it from. This will get them talking about your company and this is great promotion for you.

For these reasons they are often given away by businesses to help to promote themselves. They have the benefit of being able to put information on them, so you could upload further adverts for your business onto the stick.

For a great promotional item you need it to be something someone will use a lot, that will grab the attention of others, and won’t be quickly thrown away. USB sticks are great as they are useful items that a lot of people want, but don’t necessarily want to buy as they can be expensive. They can come in a large variety of styles and shapes so there is a lot of flexibility to draw attention to them. Even if it isn’t used that much there is a likelihood that they will be on someone’s desk so still being looked at by colleagues who visit that desk.

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