Creation Of A Killer Blog With Social Media

Use of the social media in the creation of a blog has proven to work wonders in blog content sharing. Creation of a great blog with interesting and relevant content does not always translate to widely distribution of your blog ideas and content. Social network sites and tools allow blog owners to build a loyal audience by creating an interactive platform for an online audience. Humans are by nature social, and interaction on a topic of interest is very natural.

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Social networks support this force of nature by creating platforms for people to do just that- interact about what interests them. The internet has given voice to everyone and hence it is just a matter of discovering how you can use this voice to drive traffic to your site and make your blog ideas well distributed to a world-wide audience. Popular social media sites that have proven to drive traffic to sites include FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.

Blog owners need to be thoughtful when coming up with social media strategies. There are five tips that make social media more useful in driving traffic and creating a loyal audience base for blogs.

Use of Photos: Use of photos is a great idea since the internet is in its self very visual and hence creating a great visual appeal will drive an online audience to your weblog. Frequent and quality photo posts on social media and your blog will get your audience hooked.
Use of Video: Videos are great in driving traffic to your social network site and blog since it’s typical of human nature to watch a video instead of reading content. Also important is that fact that people prefer to watch these clips over short time spans. Therefore, in addition to creating good quality video you need to make a video that is short and informative.

Use of Voting Polls: This is a great way to keep your audience engaged. There are presently voting polls applications for all social network sites. This polls can range from questions like ‘how way your day’ to technical questions. Interactions resulting from voting polls tend to create audience personal attachment to your site.

Use of Contest: Contests such as photo contests followed by reward to the winner will work wonders in driving visitors to your site.

Creation of Exclusive content to audience: Creating special features and content, like newsletters, for a loyal audience ensures that the audience feel like VIPs. This will drive them to be more loyal and even recommend others to your site.

The above are a few of the best kept secrets on driving traffic to your blog through social media. However, it is important that your use social media sites that will appeal to your target audience. Different social networking sites have different tricks of gaining traffic to your site and blog. YouTube, for instance, offers a great platform for blog owners to share their videos and interact with their audience. The idea is to make people watch your YouTube video and share it; and drive more people to your blog.

There are various techniques to get more traffic through YouTube. One of the techniques is to make great videos and ensuring that the video goes viral by buying YouTube views. If you buy YouTube hits you are likely to get more traffic since the YouTube viewers are guilty of the sheep effect.

People do not want to watch videos that no one has watched. Also, be sure not to use YouTube as a video hosting site, rather interact with viewers and use it as a social network site it is. Every Social Media is unique and learning the tricks that will work for all of them takes time and effort. At the end, all your efforts will pay off and you will enjoy a world-wide loyal audience for your blog.

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