Creating a new gadget website

I’m working on a new gadget website a dedicated gadget for boys site.

One of my projects is to make a new gadgets site. I have already 10 WordPress blogs so I want to do something different. I want to make a marketing test to see if a HTML site ranks better than a WordPress one.

I’m oscillating between using Flash or not. There are voices who claim the flash is not correctly indexed and read by search engine spiders. Other people say the search engines have improved and read and index flash pages ok.

All will be up for the template. I’m not a very good designer and I have to work after templates. I want to look for a free template first, but if I can’t find a good one I will pay for a good template.
So let me resume if I will find a flash site which I will like I will use it if not I will use a simple HTML site.

On I found a free website template which I like. You can see it here . The template uses the colors red which call to action, blue which means calm, peace and is recommended for business and the background is white which makes reading easy. The header image must be changed but with a little of attention and a little of luck I think I can make a decent header. If not there are always sites like get a coder, rent a coder and elance to get custom images.

This template is free for members. I like it but not very, very much. I wonder if it worth paying $59.95 and access to thousands of new templates. To pay almost 60 dollars for one template is a little expensive since this is the only HTML site I want to do for now.

I will get the thousands of templates and pay the fee. After all I can use the templates for later projects.

Of course what it matters the most are the back links. No links back to your site => no Google top ten positions unless you use longtail keywords with almost zero competition. So I will try to get as many back links as I can from different sources like: general directories, niche directories, article directories, blogs, forums and others.

The site will contain only gadgets for boys and toys for boys like: games consoles, RC helicopters, fast remote control cars and others.

If you see a good template for gadgets for boy site please let me know – use the comment form below.

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  1. let us know how the new site goes.

  2. A website would be a great idea. Tech related website are safe bets all the time and I think this idea will bloom.

    With Seo I think you can reach the top. Just keep at it!


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