Creating a Home Entertainment Centre for the Whole Family to Enjoy

As advanced technology becomes more affordable, the dream of having a family theatre room becomes more real than ever. Still, hi-tech equipment alone doesn’t make a media room. A truly enjoyable home entertainment centre needs to be carefully designed with an absolute comfort and functionality in mind. Once the job is done, many people use such a room as both media and living room, leaving the rest of the home free of electronics. Following these tips, you too can build a home theatre room that both kids and adults will love.

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Organise the space

The main purpose of the room is entertainment and seating space should take priority over storage space. Storage is important, but cabinets take away the space from the lounging area. One good idea is to use multifunctional furniture that can be also used as storage. A stable coffee table in the middle with drawers or extra space at the bottom should be enough for most of the necessary items. Another benefit of leaving extra free space is that it will give depth and volume to the whole room – just what a home theatre needs.

Choose the gadgets

You guessed right – you will need a high-quality HD smart LED television set. When buying a TV, you need to pay attention to several details, such as where you want to put it, what smart features it supports, as well as the quality of the screen. Today’s standards are 720p, 1080p or 4K.

An entertainment room isn’t complete without gaming consoles. While no one can tell you whether to buy Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox, each console has its fan population. You can hook them up to your TV or even get a wide screen and a projector. Finally, if you want an authentic home theatre feel, you need a top-notch surround sound system.

Installing the Home Theatre

As the most important piece of the entertainment room, the TV needs a perfect spot, and there is no better place for it than to mount it on the wall. Flat panel TVs are easy to mount as they take up little space. One of the options is to mount it in the middle section of a wall and build the rest of the equipment around it. Keep in mind that a TV wall mounting installation needs to be safe for children, provide optimal comfort for watching, and to look good.

A home theatre system can now be designed simply or as elaborately as you desire, taking into account the optimal room dimensions, wall construction, the optimal type and size and of the video display, lighting controls, acoustics, and whether or not you want an integrated free-standing option or concealed components.

Adjust the lighting

If the room you have chosen as the entertainment hub has windows, their position might become a problem. Natural light is welcome, but reflections and glare can interfere with the visibility of the screen. One solution is to install automated blinds that have two functions; one setting that prevents the glare while letting enough natural light into the room, while the other blocks the light completely for the ultimate home cinema experience. If your budget is already scarce, consider drapes as a less expensive solution. Replace standard switches with dimmers, so you can create a relaxing atmosphere even with the blinds down.

Don’t forget the comfort

A built-in home bar would be a nice addition to your entertainment room. A wine cooler or a glass door fridge will hold all the drinks you need for a movie marathon or a night-long gaming session. Next to it, you can put additional shelves for more drinks or snacks.

A snug family media room means plenty of comfortable seating. Contemporary custom lounge sets are now built with ultra-quiet motorised recliner mechanisms that allow maximum flexibility. Alternatively, you can buy several bean bags which can also serve as a cosy reading area.

Comfort and functionality are the two most important aspects of a family media centre. Its hi-tech equipment needs to support different forms of entertainment, while the space layout and furniture should provide a relaxing movie theatre experience.

By Lillian Connors



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