Crazy Gadgets And Cool Software That Will Protect Your Laptop When You Take It Out

Do you remember when laptops used to be huge? It was hard to walk around with one because they were so heavy. It was almost like walking around with a fridge on your back and you would only carry one if you needed to. These days they are very small and they can fit into a little corner of your backpack. You forget you’re carrying one because they are so light, so it means more people take them everywhere. This opens you up to danger and we’re going to look at how you can minimize the risk of something bad happening.

Don’t forget to back up data

If you’re carrying out any work away from your desk you still need to make sure you back up all of your data. It’s a lot easier at home because you can use an external hard drive, but you can’t carry it around with you. An easy way to prevent anything from getting lost is by sending your data into the cloud. Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to do this and they will let you download some software onto your laptop so everything inside your Dropbox folder will upload to the cloud every time you’re connected to the Internet.

Lock it up

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Have you ever worked inside a coffee shop before? You don’t really know what to do when you need the toilet. Do you risk leaving your laptop lying on the table? Do you close it and take it with you only to set it up again two minutes later? It’s hard leaving your laptop lying there because anything could happen to it, but if you buy a lock you can secure it before you pop to the toilet. If anyone does want to steal it they will have to take the table too.

It could get stolen

If you’re walking around with something that cost thousands of dollars there will be some people who will try to snatch it away from you. This could even happen when you’re walking down the street. There is no way to stop it from happening without putting yourself in danger, so there is a good chance someone will take it if they want it badly enough. If you have tracking software installed it will lessen the blow because there is a good chance you can locate it and call the police to get it back.

Hide your passwords

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It’s important that you use a password manager in case someone does steal your laptop. It’s possible to log into your laptop remotely to delete any important files by using your tracking software, but it could be too late if someone goes online and your passwords are saved in your browser. They can access your accounts easily and cause some real damage. If you store your passwords inside a password manager they won’t be able to get to them.

Cushion the blow

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A laptop can get damaged easily if it’s not sitting on your desk. You could swing your bag around and crack the screen. If your bag is on the floor someone could stand on it and crush your laptop with their big feet. Don’t walk around without a proper laptop backpack because it’s the only way to ensure its safety. There is enough foam to protect it from getting squashed unless something crazy was to happen, but I can’t see your dropping your bag in front of a bus.

Nobody can see you

You can get a screen protector for your laptop and it will stop other people from seeing what you are doing. You might be working on some sensitive stuff that you want kept a secret and I’m sure you’ve experienced someone turning their head to spy on your work before. They won’t be able to see anything from now on unless they come right behind you and look over your shoulder. You can feel a little more relaxed when working on secret projects from now on.

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