CrashPlan Review

So, my computer crashed about two weeks ago and I would have really loved to have CrashPlan on my laptop when it happened. Fortunately, I didn’t lose absolutely everything on my laptop and now I definitely won’t since I’ve recently tested CrashPlan.


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CrashPlan is a leading backup service that is available on Mac, Windows, Solaris and Linux. CrashPlan helps people live “digitally worry free”; offering data backup solutions tailored to different digital lifestyles and fulfilling every backup need.





CrashPlan Features and Specs:

  •  Multiple Backup Destinations: Users can back up to Code 42’s global data centers, other external drives and friends’ computers anywhere in the world
  • External drive support: CrashPlan backs up all of your files from all drives without added cost, limitations to systems or hard drives
  • Unlimited storage: CrashPlan’s backups don’t get slower as your backups get bigger
  • Unlimited file retention: CrashPlan won’t erase anything unless you want it to
  • Rollback files & folders to any date/version: You can go “back in time” to any file or folder that you’ve backed up
  • Tight security: CrashPlan has 448-bit encryption and a 448-bit private key option backup making it 100% secure
  • Continuous & Automated: As your most recent photos and files are usually the most important, CrashPlan backs them up first
  • Multiple Versions: CrashPlan uses sophisticated byte pattern analysis and data de-duplication to detect file changes, preserving multiple versions of files
  • Mobile Access Anywhere: Your backed-up files can be accessed from your phone or tablet using CrashPlan’s free mobile apps

CrashPlan Review


Every CrashPlan backup solution offer the following benefits: they all back up automatically, encrypt your backup data before it leaves your computer, they don’t limit your file size and you can back up to other computers and attached external hard drives. Moreover, CrashPlan allows you to backup data to other destinations in addition to online.

In Conclusion

CrashPlan is a reliable, easy-to-use, high-speed backup service that provides an unrivaled level of security. Not to mention, all of these features and benefits come at an affordable price.

Pricing and Availability

The CrashPlan+ (10GB) starts as low as $2 a month, CrashPlan+ Unlimited starts at $4 per month and CrashPlan+ family starts at $9 per month. You can also download and install CrashPlan for a 30-day free trial. To view the range of backup solutions available and pricing, visit:

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