Cowon iAudio D2

Cowon iAudio D2

Getting a highly compact system with both visual and audio technology nearly always means compromising on the quality of one or the other. That’s why we were hopping around in glee when we discovered this Cowon D2 Digital Media Player. A genuinely high quality, highly compact little number with an extraordinarily large battery capacity. With a 16 million colour, 24 bit sleek LCD touch-screen and stylus, the D2 is super-easy to navigate your way around all your media. With a two and a half hour charge you’ll get a staggering 52 hours of music playback or 10 hours of movie viewing, and with 4GB of on-board memory and an SD slot to add even more through a media card, you’ll have plenty of media space for all your favourite songs and vids. It has a 5 band EQ, a super low-end bass booster, MP enhance for pumping up the inevitable losses you get from ordinary MP3 tracks over WAV files, stereo enhance, and you can even use the TV output to watch your movies on your flash telly whenever you fancy. Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and coupled with its remarkable battery life, this media powerhouse is the ultimate in take anywhere entertainment.

You can have this for £149.00 – Approx USD $268.2 / €220.52

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