Core 2 Duo vs Core i3: Processors For Budget Laptops

Processors have always been a significant part of the laptop. Processor determines the overall performance of the laptops. With I-series processors, dual core and core 2 duo processor have lost their market. But are these processors better than the others which were available earlier. Users with cheap laptops have been searching for the answer to the question by evaluating Core 2 Duo and the Core i3 processors, which is considered to be the upgrade version of core 2 duo. The main reason being that both have same clock speed and also that both have two processors. Core 2 Duo replaced Pentium series and core i-series replaced core 2 duo. Core 2 Duo processors are made to the core 2 architecture and on the other hand Core i3 is based on a new architecture known as Nehalem.

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  • Core 2 Duo

Core 2 duo were launched after the Pentium series processors. These were fast and efficient, and were able to perform big tasks. Core 2 Duo processors have 2 cores and process 2 threads. These processors used high power for functioning for laptops. Ability to perform multi task uses more power and in that case core 2 duo has less efficiency. The fastest core 2 duo has a speed of 3.33 GHz and these processors are not faster than the fastest core i3 processors.

  • Core i3

Core i3 processors have 2 processors and there are 2 numbers of cores. These processors can process four threads and support DDR3 RAM. These factors were not highly improved by the Intel but Intel added a few extra things that were actually highly efficient and different from the other processors. The first thing they added was an Intel HD graphics, which were not present in the core 2 duo. Other features included Intel smart cache and integrated GPU. These features differentiated this processor series from the one available earlier. These changes led to the high sale of these processors but with the benefits processors prices were also kept higher so for the users with low buying power were unable to buy it because of the same reason. The fastest available core i3 processor has a speed of 3.06 GHz.

Considering all the option and features, for a budget new cheap laptops or cheap notebook user, it’s important that the laptop processor uses less power and performs tasks efficiently. Although core 2 Duo is not too slow and inefficient but it comparatively slower than core i3. So if a user has to decide between these two processors, he/she must go to the core i3 processor. Core 2 duo is still a good processor if anyone has to buy a laptop in limited budget. In that case, the user should look for other factors like RAM and hard drive.

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