Cool iPod speakers from Hisungtech

Top iPod speakers will be presented today. Like I said in the iPod mania post the iPod gadget is so popular that everyone is making something to go with the iPod.

Today you will find some of the iPod accessories made by Hisungtech.

1. Portable Audio System Designed For iPod Hs-PL2026

Compatible with iPod shuffle, iPod mini 20G, 40G, photo, Nano, Nano (new) and video (30G, 60G and 80G) iPods
16W sound output (10W + 2 x 3W)
iPod docking and charging
Wireless remote control

2. Truly Move Your Music: iPod Speaker HS-DS330

Built-in ipod docking adaptor(ipod video 30G/60G ,ipod NANO)
Output power:20W*2
High efficiency digital amplification
Built-in AM/FM radio function
Remote control for speaker and ipod
With alarm clock

3. iPod Portable Water-Proof Speaker HS-MR8111

Water-proof iPod speaker
Use for iPod,mp3,mp4,PC,CD,cell phone
Output: 1.5w
Power supply: 9v

4. Mini iPod Speaker HS-SD019

High performance 1.5″ neodyum driver deliver crisp clear audio
Output Power:2x2W
Built-in amplifier for active operation
Supports iPod with iPod slots or other audio players with 3.5mm earphone jack

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5. Vacuum Tube iPod Speaker HS-IS02

Vacuum Tube Amplifier embedded in a Piano paint finish wooden ported enclosure
Output Power:2x16W+18W
Fully compatible with other audio sources Most advanced iPod dock compatible with all iPods, including the Shuffle(optional)

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