Cool gadgets the laser pointers

A laser pointer is a small (often battery-operated) laser device designed for pointing at objects by illuminating them with a collimated visible laser beam. The typical use of a hand-held laser pointer is to point at some screen or chart during a presentation.
The output power of a laser pointer is measured in milliwatts (mW).


The laser pointer is generated by combining three different beams in three orthogonal transverse modes, two of them in a squeezed-vacuum state and one in an intense coherent field. A basic low power office type laser pointer is still clearly visible in a brightly lit room at distances over 100 feet.

Because the human eye is 3-4 times more sensitive to green light than it is to red light, a green laser pointer is 3-4 times brighter to the human eye.

The laser pointer is a cool gadget for offices and schools. Executives use them in their presentations and teachers use them to point the important aspects of a lesson.

These gadgets can be used to have fun with. You can light matches from 5 feet with a lens and do much more like star pointing and other fun things.

If you want to learn more about these cool devices there is a good laser pointer forum that I recommend to read.

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