Cool Gadgets That Can Make Your Home A Safer Place

Home Security gadgets have taken a huge leap in today’s society. More and more renting and homeowners are becoming aware of the need to protect their homes from the likely threat of a burglary. This article lists the recent security gadgets that can reduce those possibilities and make your home a safer place.

Cool Gadgets That Can Make Your Home A Safer Place

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#5. The Alarm Mat

This is a wireless doormat that has a pressure sensitive alarm built in. To use this gadget, all you do is place it underneath a rug or mat in front of any doorway and whenever a visitor or an uninvited guest steps on the mat an alert is automatically sent to you via a pager or portable receiver. The wireless range for the alarm mat is about 100m and only gives a limited amount of security. The alarm mat can be found in many online electronic retail stores. The average price for it is $50 – $80.

#4. Digital Peephole Camera

Instead of trying to squash your eye up to a regular peephole you can now purchase a digital peephole camera. Anytime a person comes to visit the device displays the view from your peephole onto a 3-inch LCD monitor to be able to observe the person outside easier. The device is activated by knock detectors and motions sensors which triggers the viewer automatically so that you can see the wanted or unwanted visitor at your doorstep. You can also set the camera up to record every visitor that steps in front of your door while you are away for an added security. Online and retail store prices for this gadget ranges from $60 – $150.

#3. Window Wedge Alarm

Many times a burglar will attempt to enter through a window, allowing them to implement stealth mode as well as require a reduced amount of noise when breaking in. For security against an uninvited guest through a window you can purchase a window wedge alarm. This alarm automatically turns on each time there is a window break in, daunting burglars from implementing their intentions. This device is one of the cheaper ones on the list starting at $8 – $30.

#2. Fake TV

It’s always been an old trick to leave the lights on in your house if no one is home so that others will think it’s occupied. A new security gadget does just that. The fake TV is a security device with built in LED lights that mimics the projection of a regular TV. This will allow you to place the fake TV in unoccupied rooms to trick burglars into thinking someone is home. The fake TV also has a timer that you can setup whenever you are leaving the house and for added security you can use it when you go to sleep. There are other newer versions of this device that has an automatic timer to turn on during sunset hours and turns off during sunrise. The most recent prices for this gadget is listed at $30 – $50.

#1. Fingerprint Smart Locks

Having this for a helpful resource as a security device is more like something right out of a Sci-Fi movie, but in today’s age it’s not impossible to have one. Instead of the regular key lock or a security device that prompts for a series of numbers, the fingerprint smart lock scans your finger to unlock the door. Having your unique fingerprint as the key for the lock makes it much harder for a burglar to go through your door. If a burglar tries to fidget with the lock itself it automatically alerts authorities and will emit a high pitch sound to frighten the unwanted guest. The device can memorize several different fingerprints so that each of your family member can enter without a problem and if at any time the battery dies on the lock it does come with a backup key that cannot be duplicated. This is one of the most expensive, but high-quality security device on this list starting at $170 – $700.

Article by Annabelle Smyth

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