Cool gadget mug the On Off Mug

I have just found a very cool gadget: the On/Off Mug.


When the mug is full full of hot liquid the cup turns white and is emblazoned with the word ON in black letters, and as it cools it turns black and clearly screams OFF at you in white letters.

This is fun and can be a good gift idea.

When it is half full it looks like this.



On Off Mug Features

  • A funky heat-sensitive mug.
  • When the mug is empty or filled with a cold drink, the mug is black with a large ‘OFF’ emblazoned on it.
  • When the mug is filled with a hot brew, the mug becomes white with a large ‘ON’ emblazoned on it.
  • Size: 9.5 x 11.5 x 8cm.

    The price of On/Off Mug is £15.99 (aprox. $25.55) and it is available at

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    1. I dont really consider a mug as a gadget but this one looks really cute and unique, I’ll sure get my self and my husband one of this. And thank you for posting this unique mug.

    2. That seems pretty cool, I wish they had a different message than just on/off though, maybe some kind of joke or something?

    3. hi
      this is a nice cup you use this cup for gadgets on / off situation
      that is good idea.

    4. Mens Fashion Bargains

      A great gift for any serious coffee drinker!

    5. Yeah really pretty cool!! You know I’m great fan of coffee and tea. I really need this one. Thanks for idea.

    6. Cool information!! I liked it especially that on/off idea.

    7. A very geek but at the same time cool! I like it.


    8. This is a really call mug and seeing I drink far to much tea and coffee, this looks right up my street!

      This would also be a really good quirky stocking filler for christmas…

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