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If you’re an iPhone user, then you have probably heard of Cydia and its uses and benefits for your iPhone. Although the Cydia app is not available in the Apple Store, people still find ways and install it on their devices through what they call “jailbreaking tools”. If you are having trouble in installing Cydia, there are a lot of people who have made useful and easy to do guides on installing the application on your iPhone and other devices. But the most important thing is that why is Cydia that important to have on your iPhone and why take all the trouble in installing it? The answer is quite simple; there are a lot of free apps that can be downloaded from Cydia that will definitely work for iPhones! It is like Google Play where most of the cool and great apps can be downloaded for free. Cydia is the other alternative of iPhone users for the Apple store. The thing that makes it different from the Apple Store is that it contains free applications such as iPhone ringtone maker and downloaders that are not available for download in the Apple Store.


Ringtone Maker and Downloader for iPhone

For those who want to change and edit their own iPhone ringtones, there are two ways of doing it for free. First is to visit and from there you can edit, choose, and download your desired iPhone ringtone for free and without any account registration needed. The second option is for you to have access to the Cydia app and from there you can just search with the key word “unlimtones” and from there you can immediately download the Audiko ringtone maker and downloader for iPhone for free.


There are a few minor differences that you have to take note of the app version and the tool that is available on the Internet. Both tools produce the same quality of music of the iPhone ringtone and the same access to the huge collection of sounds and music. However, the app has more features that are exclusive to it and not available for the one that is on the website. One is that the app automatically downloads directly to the smart phone and creates a special folder for it. Users of the app can also automate the assigning of ringtones for their contacts or group of contacts inside the app itself. The app can assign ringtones for the users’ contacts on the incoming calls, SMS alerts, alarms, as well as specific ringtones or sound for a special contact or group. App users are also benefited by the app creating its own folder where collections of previously made ringtones for iPhone are stored and kept for possible future use without even creating an Audiko account.


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On the other hand, the app and the tool that is used on the website also has several similarities like they both have access to millions of iPhone ringtone that are created and shared by more than 2 million users. Aside from that, users also enjoy the comfort of having a convenient search tool when looking for their desired ringtones and SMS alerts. Aside from music and songs, they also have a wide range of variations of plops, splashes, creaks, cracks and all other weird and interesting sounds that will surely entertain you and your friends. You can also download tones for alarms in the morning that will surely wake you up and set you in a good mood to start the day right. Get your iPhone now and start enjoying and entertaining yourself with the cool and amazing apps that Cydia has to offer!

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