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3 Ways to Conceal a New Firearm

Firearms are one of the best ways to protect an individual and his or her family. However, it may not be ideal for the world to know that the person is actively carrying a firearm. Laws vary in each and every state regarding gun ownership, so concealment methods will vary based on the state of residence. Whether the owner is trying to conceal the firearm from the public or from kids, there are many ways to hide it.

Safe Gun Housing

The primary method of concealing a firearm, the home safe, is the most important. This safe should be located out of the sight and reach of children. Concealing the firearm successfully at home will keep children safe while allowing the homeowner to protect the family during times of need. The safe should lock securely, and the gun should fit comfortably.

Specially Designed Clothing

With such high numbers of firearm owners, many specialty clothing manufacturers have developed clothing that conceal weapons. A concealed carry jacket is a great example, as jackets are frequently worn in many types of weather. The heavy fabric can conceal even the bulkier firearm models, too. Other types of clothing, such as undergarments and shirts, can conceal firearms in warmer seasons.

Concealment Purses

For those who do not want to conceal the weapon on their body, specially designed bags are a great solution. These handbags function like any other purse with one exception: they can hide a gun very well, while making it easily accessible in case of an emergency. Some purses feature locking mechanisms which can help to keep the firearm out of the reach of children. However, keeping a portable locking and concealing box for the gun within a purse is another idea that would be better suited for parents with young children.

Concealing a firearm is very important, especially when in public areas. Since most people enjoy carrying their firearms for peace of mind and safety, it is vital to practice safe use and firearm management when the weapon is not stored away at home in an approved safe.

Be sure that is it legal to have a firearm first.

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