Conbrov T19 Car Keychain Mini Body Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision Review

I just got a new tech gadget to play with – the Conbrov T19 Car Keychain Mini Body Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision.

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This is a little spy gadget which is in fact a motion activated camera hidden inside a car key chain.

The car key chain looks pretty ordinary and it won’t be noticed by others. The front looks just like a regular car key chain and on the back there is the Conbrov written.

As a spy device it is pretty effective; the only flow is the logo from the back because people who know about Conbrov may realize that this is a spying tool. So I would advise showing only the device’s front to others.

The Conbrov T19 Car Keychain Mini Body Camera is simple to use and to disguise. It requires a class 10 or above micro SD card with a minimum capacity of 8GB to record. Charging the internal battery is done via USB. And the user has access to the footage by placing the micro SD card into the special adapter which came with the product and which connects via USB.

As a spying device it is quite good. It looks like a regular key chain and it doesn’t attract people’s attention. It is easy to operate and reliable because it is motion activated (the user can also set it to record in loop even when it is not any motion).

The video’s quality is good, the images are sharp and clear as you can see in the video posted by Dereton.

The quality of the images is great – the camera record at 1280x720P video resolution and it can film even in darkness because it has built in 3 pcs black 940 Leds.

Conbrov T19 Car Keychain Mini Body Camera review

This is a reliable spy gadget which has all the right ingredients of a smart device: the camera is well hidden, the image and audio quality is good,and it features motion detection and night vision.

In conclusion: a cool and useful gadget for spying, which can also be used as an anti-theft surveillance, nanny camera, pets monitor and for business recordings.

Pricing and availability

The Conbrov T19 Car Keychain Mini Body Camera costs $59.99 and you can get one from


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