Computer Power

In today economic world everyone demands speed. Let’s face it we don’t have the patience to wait anymore (think about what happens if a website is not loading almost instantly: you leave the site).

Because the users are less and less patient the business were forced to move faster and reduce the waiting periods. Almost all big business invested in computing power and applications because having powerful computers and applications will make the users happy. In the last years business invested in IT hardware like OpenVPX and in IT services.

If speed is important for users so is money. Everyone seems to want a good service for an affordable cost. The industry answer is lowering the prices on hardware products and encouraging people to use cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a great way to get access to top quality IT infrastructure without buying it. By using the clouds you don’t need to buy the equipment because you rent it. This have 2 main advantages: speed an lower costs. To understand this here is a short example. Hosting your site on  your own server vs using clouds. To find more about website hosting we recommend reading a guide such as register web hosting.

If you want to have your own server you need to buy a server, install the applications and have a good internet connection. So you have to pay a lot of money up front and have the knowledge to configure a server.

If you are using cloud computing instead you will rent a server from a hosting company. You won’t own the server but you don’t have to pay a large sum of money to get the hardware and the server has the required applications installed so you need fewer knowledge.

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