Comparing the Purchase of T-Mobile Cellphones With or Without a Plan

If T-Mobile is a primary cellular carrier in your area and you are trying to decide on the best approach for purchasing T-Mobile cellphones, you will find that you have the option of obtaining T-Mobile cellphones with or without a plan.  T-Mobile recently announced the release of no contract plans that accompany the purchase of T-Mobile cellphones which opens up more possibilities and options to you as the consumer.

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So what’s the difference when you purchase T-Mobile cellphones with or without a plan and which is better?  The answer to this depends upon your connectivity needs and your lifestyle in addition to preferences when it comes to obtaining cellular services.

To help clarify this dilemma here is an easy-to-understand comparison of T-Mobile cellphones and the accompanying plans.  This will provide you with a place to start making an informed decision before you hit the market to shop for T-Mobile cellphones.

T-Mobile Cellphones with a Plan

T-Mobile cellphones which are offered with a long term plan involve committing to a service agreement for up to two years.  This means that you can take advantage of special deals on T-Mobile cellphones while entering into a contract that helps you save money on talk time and data usage.  You receive an upscale smartphone of your choice and a corresponding service agreement which allows you to choose the services you want to access.

After you decide the different types of services you want to use there is a selection of T-Mobile cellphones which are equipped to handle the services you have requested.  T-Mobile will show you what phone models correspond with the services you have selected.  Here is how it works:

  • Select a Plan:  First, you must choose a plan that accommodates your connectivity needs.  The plans typically range from just under $60 per month to approximately $95 per month and involve a choice of different services such as unlimited minutes, varied amounts of data transfer, and options for talk time and data usage.  The plan is a two-year service agreement and offers whenever minutes, free domestic long distance, and no digital roaming charges in your country of residence.
  • Choose a Phone:  Once you choose a plan, you will receive assistance with selecting one of the T-Mobile cellphones which is equipped to handle the services offered in the plan.  There is a wide selection of upscale smartphones to suit all types of mobility and if you hit it just right, T-Mobile offers great deals such as a free smartphone when you sign up for the two-year service agreement.  If you choose your phone online T-Mobile offers a Web-only price which means you get an instant discount on a phone of your choosing, then you receive the Web-only discount plus a mail-in rebate which results in a free device.
  • Add Services:  Once you have chosen your phone you can add more services and accessories before you checkout online.  T-Mobile cellphones are shipped within a few business days when you order online and from there you can activate your phone with the plan you have chosen.
    It is also worth mentioning that T-Mobile cellphones are also offered with bundled services which help to save you money on talk time and data usage.  These are worth the time to check out online before you choose a plan.

T-Mobile Cellphones Without a Plan

You can also opt to choose T-Mobile cellphones which are not connected to a long term service agreement.  This is known as a no contract, prepaid, or ‘pay as you go’ type of arrangement.  The difference between T-Mobile cellphones without a plan and devices with a plan is you must purchase your smartphone outright without any special deals or discounts.  Once you purchase your device then you can choose from a monthly plan or day-by-day ‘pay as you go’ plan.  Here is more on how it works:

  • Choose Your Phone:  There is a line of T-Mobile cellphones which are used with the no contract plan.  You still get a high end phone but as we mentioned you must purchase it outright.  The advantage of this is you own the phone and can upgrade at any time.  T-Mobile cellphones which are prepaid come in a nice array of selections and you do not have to sacrifice functionality for going without a contract.
  • Choose Your Plan:  Once you have chosen your phone then you simply opt to use the monthly plan which can be as low as $30 per month or you can choose to use the ‘pay as you go’ plan which allows you to pay by the day for as little as $1 per day.  There is no obligation, no contract, no credit check, and you can purchase talk time and data transfer as you need it.
    Once you have purchased your phone it is shipped to your residence with a SIM card containing your plan.  You use the SIM card to activate the phone along with a few other steps and you are up and running.

So, to summarize the comparison:  T-Mobile cellphones with a long term plan offer the opportunity for you to get special deals on your phone plus discounts on talk time and data usage.  T-Mobile cellphones with no contract require you to pay full price for your phone and then you can participate in one of the two no contract plans.

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