Most medium and large-scale businesses generate waste in huge quantities. The recycling and hauling fees each month take a toll on your profit margin. A commercial trash compactor at your disposal will reduce your extra efforts and the cost of waste management. Here the question arises whether to rent or buy a trash compactor.

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The benefits of both buying and renting a trash compactor are presented for you ahead in this article. You can make a decision based on these facts according to your waste management needs.

Advantages of Renting a Trash Compactor

1. Your Maintenance Cost is Saved

It is not easy to get a repairing service for a trash compactor, and it is pretty expensive as well. If you opt for compactor rental, you don’t need to worry about its repair cost. This is because the trash compactor repair and maintenance are the responsibility of the rental company.

2. Your Investment is Not Blocked

An investment in purchasing a commercial trash compactor will not generate upfront ROI. You can utilize the same amount of money to purchase other equipment directly linked to your production, providing instant ROI. Thus renting a chute seems a wiser decision from the business point of view.

3. It Saves You Tax!

Another benefit of compactor rental is that it can be written off as an operational expense from your taxes. And a purchase will only depreciate on its depreciating schedule. Still, one should study the laws of the state and jurisdiction before confirming the tax rebates on rent expenses. You can ask your accountant or tax professional.

4. Annual Safety Checks

Safety is of utmost importance in a commercial setup. Before considering a trash compactor as safe, it should be checked thoroughly for its magnetic safety interlocks and other safety parameters. The trash compactor services are annually reviewed for their compliance with the safety standards. In this way, you can be assured about the safety at your workplace.

Advantages of Buying a Trash Compactor

1. Easy & Simple Process

Various complicated procedures are involved in getting a commercial trash chute on rent. First of all, you need to find a good and reputed rental company. Afterward, you need to sign a legal document. Whereas, if you buy a trash compactor, you remove all these complicated procedures from your way.

2. It’s a One Time Investment

Trash compactor purchase cost is a one-time investment that proves to be cheaper in the longer run. The reason being it significantly cuts down on your waste disposal expenses every month. And the average life span of a compactor is 10-20 years, which is a fair duration to give you good ROI.

3. You Get the Tax Rebate

It looks like the benefit of tax benefit didn’t end with compactor rental. The government also provides tax rebates if you own recycling equipment. This rebate is introduced to encourage more corporate towards sustainability. However, it is recommended to get the details of the terms and conditions of such tax rebates in your jurisdiction.

4. You Have Control Over Maintenance

Rental companies provide services for trash compactor repair and maintenance. But then, it is left to their judgment and alertness. If you purchase a trash compactor, you can decide upon its maintenance schedule. Naturally, you will rely more on your own team of experts rather than the trash compactor services.


There is no right or wrong option. It’s entirely up to you that you want to rent or buy a trash compactor. You can weigh in both options based on the convenience of your operations and finance. Examine your long-term vision, and then decide about the most suitable way for your business.

Erich Lawson is passionate about saving the environment through effective recycling techniques and modern innovations. He works with Compactor Management Company and writes on a variety of topics related to recycling, including tips and advice on how balers, compactors and shredders can be used to reduce industrial waste. He loves helping businesses understand how to lower their monthly garbage bills and increase revenue from recycling.

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