Colour Change Aurora Alarm Clock

Here is a gadget which will look great in you house: the Colour Change Aurora Alarm Clock. Also this is a good Christmas gift idea.

Colour Change Aurora Alarm Clock

Wake up with a light show and get your day off to a bright start with this amazing color changing alarm clock!

A spectrum of 12 glowing colors which change color every hour. Displays time, date and alarm time.

Availability and pricing info

The Colour Change Aurora Alarm Clock cost £9.99 and it is available at

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  1. It looks something different. Nice Christmas gift idea.

  2. A good gift those who loves to sleep until noon. lols

  3. Hope this will perfectly suite for my brother ..

  4. Cool clock I could use one of those.

  5. Cool gadget. Perfect for my room. An alarm clock with many colors, I think it is a nice gift for Christmas.

  6. I want to try this clock this will amazing at night when it change color. Where I can get the coolest deal for this clock. Any website available for it ?

  7. I want to afford such a gift. I sleep until noon.

  8. This will be a fun clock to have in my guest bedroom. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That’s a nice thing, and it can realy be a good gift no matter the age and sex

  10. very cool clock, the color change is a great idea. i would buy it.

  11. I hate it when something glows early in the morning when I still can’t open my eyes. Not my cup of tea 🙂

  12. Love it! And it looks so cool. I might buy one for my daughter.

  13. It’s a Beautiful gift for a beautiful people , I simply love this.

  14. Thanks for such A GOOD IDEA….

  15. I love glowing things. i think ill buy this to my brother.

  16. Informasi Teknologi

    wow, that nice. thanks for share 🙂

  17. I just saw this product on another site where they were ranting and raving about it. Actually the autor said he bought it for his son as a birthday present last week and his 10 year old son thinks it is the coolest thing ever.

  18. That is a totally cool looking clock. And they are so affordable, I am considering buying several. Thanks for bringing this awareness.

  19. Wow… it looks cool!
    How does the color change though? Is it automatic or do we have to change some settings on the clock?

  20. Its simply mind blowing..quite a cool stuff to gift someone..but i would like to buy one for myself too..

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