CodeMe is a lost and found solution made up of people, made possible by technology

It was created to solve a problem that effects the lives of millions everyday.

We know most of you can relate to the problem of losing things. It can be such a stressful and frustrating experience.

From the moment you lose something, especially something important, your mind shuts everything else out. You lose focus, and frantically begin searching. Your mind races, thinking where it could be and where you last saw it.

Then there comes the feeling of defeat. You begin to come to the realization that there is a chance you will not see it again.

CodeMe was created because of experiences exactly like this. It was developed to solve an everyday problem, to help people, and to give others a way to prove themselves.


After brainstorming, we set out to see that if people had an easy way to return a lost item to its owner, would they actually do it?

In conducting extensive research, we found that an astounding 94% of people said they would return a lost item if they only had an easy way to do it.

The people are there, the willingness is there, and CodeMe makes it easy.

By using CodeMe, poweref with QR technology, we are finally able to instantly connect the finder with the owner and facilitate the return of the lost item.

At CodeMe we are confident that all people are inherently good. CodeMe brings it out.

by CodeMark Team

A few thoughts from Dan:

The CodeMe is definitely an idea people should know about. It relies on people and technology for finding and returning lost objects.

In our days we have a lot of small tasks to perform every day and we are bombarded with tons of information. I think that my generation receives more info in a day then our ancestors in a year. In the digital era the information is everywhere and combined with a large number of daily activities we tend to forgot and lose our things more often. This is why Codeme is an interesting technology

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