Cloud vs dedicated servers

Cloud computing is a popular concept these days. Almost everyone is using a cloud service for fun or work.

I recently asked myself if cloud is better than having a dedicated server. After reading a few blogs and some expert’s opinions I realized that having a dedicated server is a better option because:

  • you can decide what hardware you want to have
  • you decide what software and apps will be installed
  • you can tweak the settings to your likings.

With a dedicated server you are in full control. Of course you need to know what are you doing, although a lot of dedicated server providers will help you configuring everything.

Cloud services on the other hand are servers which have installed software that is emulating different program applications and you have almost zero control. You can’t decide what kind of server you want, you can’t make setting as admin and the cost is a lower performance.

Lately dedicated server are becoming popular amongst tech enthusiast.

In an article called cloud vs dedicated you can read more about the differences between servers and cloud. A lot of people expect cloud computing to be a lot cheaper than dedicated servers but this is not always the case. Both services cost around $100/month if you buy from a quality provider.

So the price is almost the same but you will have a better equipped server if you chose the dedicated option. Online you can find benchmark tools to test and compare different servers. These tools are simple to use and will give you the data to make an informed decision.

When choosing a server you should know what you want and need. It is best to gather all the information before making a decision because you really need to understand the hardware and know the software you want to install. 

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