Cloud computing

In the last year I’ve found the term cloud computing on forums and blogs. Because I like to know about new technologies and until today I didn’t had the time to see what is cloud computing I have made a little research on the subject.

The term itself is a little confusing meaning computing form or with clouds. Actually cloud computing means the fact that you don’t run applications on your computer or you device (workstation) instead you get access to a service using the network (in most cases the Internet). Thru cloud computing you get access to web services (provides computation, software, data access, and storage resources) without knowing or owning the computing infrastructure. Your access to the data is via your web browser, the data and applications are stored on a cloud computer system and you as a user don’t know how the system works.


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Cloud computing utilizes applications stored on a remote server that is in principle accessible 24/7.

The main advantage of cloud computing is that you don’t need to buy the hardware and expensive software instead you will rent them.

A cloud computing provider offers aces to to a server together with the required software allowing the user to store data and run applications form the server.

Cloud computing is used by users to get access to web software without buying it and it is also used by business to lower their IT costs.

Business use services like assisted living marketing plan to plan their marketing campaigns easily using innovative technologies for leads/clients management and for obtaining detailed customers reports.

A good marketing software can save a lot of money and time in a company because it offers all the data the marking manager needs to make decisions.

Another service used by companies from all around the world is consulting. Using a third party project management consultant offers a new perspective to the business. Also a good consultant will know about the problems similar companies have and how these problems can be solved.

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