Climbing Santa Claus

Climbing Santa Claus
Climbing Santa Claus

Here comes Santa Claus!
As everyone knows, Santa Claus makes his way around the world on Christmas Eve, climbing up and down chimneys and leaving presents and gifts for all the good boys and girls that are on his list.
And while everyone knows what Santa Claus does, nobody actually knows how he does it. That’s because no one has ever seen Santa in action, and can’t really picture how he climbs up and down all those chimneys – until now!
Bring the secret of Santa Claus into your home and have him climb up and down your stairs, fireplace or anywhere else you like with the Climbing Santa Claus!

He really climbs
The Climbing Santa Claus is approximately 10” in height and climbs up and down a beaded rope. As soon as you give him a tap, Santa Claus climbs up and down the rope while singing “Here Comes Santa Claus.”
You’ll laugh with delight and amazement as Santa Claus marches up and down his rope. And to get him to stop climbing, just give him another tap.
And while it isn’t exactly like going up and down your chimney, you’ll still enjoy the site of Santa Claus climbing up and down your home this Christmas!

A perfect holiday touch
If you’re looking to really add some unique holiday décor and personality to your home this Christmas season, then bring home the Climbing Santa Claus and have him in action inside your house!

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